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The Beginnings
of VLS of Georgetown

Almost 10 years ago we discovered public schools were not teaching students what they needed to know about the creation of this great country. What could we do?

Generous friends gave us seed money to buy books, we did our research, used our skills and experience to create our first camp with the help of friends, relatives and their children. It worked!

The next year we held two camps and the following year we grew to three camps. As our students also grew we established a Teen Camp with more advanced subjects and projects. Our graduates have now also become volunteers to help with the younger students for community credit.

Our main goals include students believing America is a Judaeo-Christian based culture, knowing our founders were courageous, brilliant people and instilling pride in America, while understanding what freedom and liberty mean.VLS has graduated nearly 500 patriots!

We hope we will see you in the coming year! Contact us for our 2021 schedule. We hope to see you there!

Ronda McCauley, Chairman.