Vacation Liberty School

Learn more about America and meet new friends!

You will discover things about America you never knew, learn about the election process, immigration and our Electoral College, while having fun in a
light-hearted atmosphere.
August 7-11, 2023

Election process

Election Day brings out creative juices and competitive spirits as students decide if they will run for office, what their platform will be and how they will promote themselves, along with enlisting supporters to develop a campaign.


Experience what it was like back in the beginning during immigration though Ellis Island. How did we decide who could stay and who had to leave? How did immigrants make a living in our country? What happened if they were sick or disabled? Who was responsible for immigrants?


The Electoral College is unique to the United States. How does it work? Who decides who is elected President and Vice-President? Do electors have to vote the way their state voted? Can you lose the popular vote, but win through the Electoral College?


Learn about this most important and unique document created by our Founding Fathers to promote justice, insure tranquility, provide for our defense, promote our welfare and secure our blessings of freedom and liberty.


Learn why our Founding Fathers, a group of American leaders who united the original 13 colonies, led the war for Independence from Great Britain and built a framework of government for the United States of America during the 18th century.

American Flag

The American Flag has changed many times since 1777. Learn how each flag came to be, what the first flag looked like, how and why it changed and to which Flag you can pledge your allegiance.

Camp Snapshot