vacation liberty school kids camp

Our children love to learn about America!

During our week-long camp we offer activities to keep children engaged, insure they have fun and help them learn about our immigration process, the American Flag, our elections, the electoral college and much more.
June 26-30, 2023 and July 10-14, 2023.

interactive games

Whether it is learning about the flag, our American history, our Founding Fathers or our great country we keep children engaged.

music & singing

We listen to beautiful patriotic songs, have sing alongs with many songs the children know and others they may not have heard before.

educational videos

We feature educations videos to help children go back in time to fully understand and appreciate what it was like for our Founding Fathers.

american history

Children need to know how our country came to be and the sacrifices heroes made to protect our freedom, so they will work hard to protect these God-given rights.

the american flag

Our fun demonstration of flags and the history behind our American Flag and is a fun experience for children and adults.

rewards and snacks

Children are encouraged to participate with snacks offered during the day and a rewards store where they can purchase special toys and treats.