Vacation Liberty School
of Georgetown

Georgetown Vacation Liberty School (VLS) is a summer camp to teach what today’s students are missing in their history lessons. VLS takes children on a walk through history introducing them to the people who were actually there, making history believable and real. Some of the many experienced guides include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, Reverend Muhlenberg, Sam Adams and Benjamin Banneker. VLS staff and campers enjoy songs, games, skits, crafts, snacks and just plain fun on this five day trek.

MISSION: “Our mission is to develop the next generation of patriots, educating them on the values, the principles and the Judaeo-Christian foundation on which our country was created and to instill in them the need to be diligent in keeping our God-given freedoms and liberties.”

VLS staff has three goals:

1. Emphasize that The United States is a Judaeo-Christian based culture. 2. Establish the fact that the men and women who founded this country were of different races and creeds and were truly great and courageous. 3. Make sure every graduate is proud to be that American who knows what freedom and liberty actually mean.

Camp begins with meeting King James and understanding why people made the difficult voyage across the ocean to the American wilderness. The next three days are divided among the faith, hope and charity involved in establishing this country. 

Faith from that era includes why the colonists believed in rights and their need for personal liberty. Hope helps the colonist find courage. Campers learn what the colonists expected from The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. 

Charity is celebrated with actions of both the founders and the campers. Dr. Benjamin Franklin presents his contributions for the colonists while the campers compile donations for the charity project. 

Friday is a review with facts, color, noise and more fun! VLS has graduated over 500 patriots.

VACATION LIBERTY SCHOOL OF GEORGETOWN, a Texas non-profit, has recently obtained a national non-profit 501(c3) status.

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