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Our Mission

Vacation Liberty School

Our mission is to develop the next generation of patriots, educating them on the values, the principles and the Judaeo-Christian foundation on which our country was created and to instill in them the need to be diligent in keeping our God-given freedom.


Things we’re great at…

American Civics

We teach our American history and our country’s founding to highlight the many heroes who have come before us.

We offer a fun summer activity where children can learn the basics about our country.

VLS offers a more in-depth study of American history in an entertaining and relaxing environment.


We offer a learning environment, to help educate your child about our country’s founding and our history.

Community Support

VLS proudly supports local museums, churches, clubs and Veterans throughout the community.

10 Years Experience

We fill the need to teach our children about America, interesting historical characters and our inalienable rights.

Pride in America

Freedom Loving Citizens Protecting Natural, Cultural & Historical Resources

Our Founding Fathers

Highlighting the Brave Individuals Who Established Our Great Nation

Judaeo-Christian Based Principles

Dignity of Human Life, Common Decency and Accountability to God

Foundational Principles

Ethics and Principles

VLS Summer Camp

Our campers enjoy activities to entertain, stimulate and educate them
about American history, the Constitution of the United States of America,
our Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence.

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VACATION LIBERTY SCHOOL OF GEORGETOWN, a Texas non-profit, has recently obtained a national non-profit 501(c3) status.

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